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Oriental rug & whole house carpet dyeing. Certified Carpet Dyeing Dunedin.

Removal of any stain or bleach spot removal with our colour repair service.

Typically this will save you 70-95% of the replacement cost.

Carpet dyeing is a very specialised area. We are trained and certified to repair bleached spots on carpet. In the case of permanent staining we can strip out all the colour and then skillfully match the original carpet colour. For this reason we can remove almost any stain from almost any carpet. We can restore, enhance or change nearly any colour in your carpets, upholstery or treasured oriental rugs.

Carpets can fade on average around 2-3% per year, this process is great for restoring the original colour.

Sun fading can be matched to the unaffected areas of your carpet.

Pet urine can bleach out your carpet over time due to the decomposition process creating alkaline residues. Again we can remove the urine and restore the original colour back in to the carpet. Read more about this on our Pet Stain & Odour Removal page.

Changing carpet colour to a darker tone can be a good option for people that find their lighter coloured carpets show soiling to quickly. Especially for busy homes with pets or children.

Interior decorators can provide amazing results with our custom dyed carpets.

Our specialised air brushing method is perfect for detailing intricate patterns. We use this on highly patterned carpets and oriental rugs.

Carpets are often replaced prematurely due to fading, staining or for a colour update. Besides a large savings over laying new carpet there are other great benefits too;

  • Cleaning is part of the dyeing process
  • We move the furniture around
  • No removal and disposal costs
  • Recycle rather than replace
  • The whole process is done in a single day
  • The carpet can be used straight away

Call or email us to book a free consultation. We can provide a measure and quote and show you what colour options you have depending on your current carpet colour.

-Peter Clinch (BSc CHEM)

– Certified in Carpet Dyeing, Colour Restoration & Colour Repair

Removal of any stain or bleach spot removal with our NEW colour repair service.

Oriental rug & whole room carpet recolouring.

Typically this will save you 70-95% of the replacement cost.

– Certified in Flood, Mould & Microbial Remediation (IICRC)

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