Do you Steam Clean with a Hot Water Extractor?

Yes Carpet Chemist has used Steam Cleaning ever since 2012! We can still offer this in most areas but have started to phase this method out, you will need to request this when booking. Also, for our guaranteed stain and odour removal options often require us using our low moisture technology.

Do you do dry cleaning?

Yes, our modern Very Low Moisture System has become our primary method for restorative deep cleaning.

What are the main benefits of your cleaning system?

Rotary extraction is more efficient for releasing soil and stains. This means a lot less moisture is needed so no chance of mould, mildew or slow drying. We apply a soil protector that slows re-soiling  and keeps your carpet clean for longer. Our company has been designing stain products in NZ for 11 years. Our 2023 range has just been released and it continues to do things that where previously thought impossible.

Do you guarantee stains removal?

Check out our awesome Colour Repair service for guaranteed removal of any permanent stain.

Do you guarantee odours?

Yes, our very heavy odour treatment comes with a conditional written guarantee.

How long does the carpet need to dry?

Carpets are dry enough to use straight away. It takes 1-4 hours for them to feel dry. In the winter we recommend some heating to ensure speedy drying.

Do you use chemicals?

Every single carpet cleaner on the planet does, In fact, water itself is a chemical. Our cleaning solution is made 100% from plant extracts and minerals and dries to the same pH as our skin. Humans easily process these ingredients so skin contact is never a concern. There are some really nasty cleaners with hydroxides, butyls and 1000’s of other nasty chemicals. It is great that consumers are becoming aware of these problems.

Does carpet cleaning age your carpet?

No. Actually the opposite. Carpet manufacturers stipulate that professional cleaning done correctly will slow down the wearing process by removing abrasive soils.

Does cleaning remove protective wool lanolin’s?

No, oils are removed from modern wool carpets installations.

How often should you clean?

Low traffic household should be every 12-18 months but a heavy traffic household with pet accidents will benefit from 3-6 month intervals.